Custom machine design, jig and fixture, and height adjustable workstations projects

Peloton, Inc. is a well-educated team that is devoted to understanding – and addressing – the challenges that our customers face. We are well-equipped to handle the engineering needs of a range of industries. Below, you will find information about a number of our past projects, including descriptions of how our services assisted in creating more optimized, profitable operations.

Design, build and installation of freight securement development test fixture.

Automotive bezel sonic weld machine.

Automotive panel clip assembly machine.

Lightweight, height adjustable machine base for tabletop testing fixture.

Height adjustable workstation for controls development. 

Height adjustable office workstation.

Design and build of vertical machine milling fixture.

Design and build of automobile heater control production test fixture.

Configurable height adjustable workstation with pre-wired control cabinet.

Design of braze fixture.

Pre-assemble control cabinet for cable machine.

Main control panel build assembly line.

Machine design of workstation to build door handle and cable assembly.

High capacity product deburring and finishing machine.

Control panel build for custom machine.

Manual product test fixture with customer test circuitry.

Peloton Incorporated is a proud sponsor of the local high school robotics team

Design and build trim fixture for blow molded part.

Design and build height adjustable table that can be lowered down onto caster for movement but raise onto leveling feet for increased stability.

End-of-line inspection by camera station.

Multi-version chair assembly press.

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