Custom machines, jig and fixtures, height adjustable bases, and more

Peloton, Inc. has earned a reputation for offering the most effective custom machines, jigs, fixtures, and height adjustable bases in the industry. With a focus on collaboration, we consult with every customer and work closely with them to develop the solutions that they – and their operations – need. To learn more about our build services, select an item from the options below.

Peloton - Custom Machine Build

Custom Machine Build

Peloton, Inc. specializes in operator-assisted workstations for testing, poke-yoke, and general assembly functions.

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Jig and Fixture

From assembly and CMM holding to vibration and machining, Peloton, Inc. provides jig and fixture builds that focus on short lead times and reliability.

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Height Adjustable Base

Whether you need a cost-effective solution or a workstation base with integrated controls, Peloton, Inc. can build the height adjustable bases that you need.

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Provided with full documentation, our control panels are designed with an understanding of the importance of serviceability, expandability, and traceability.

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